Transforming the City into a Classroom

Every student should, no matter her or his background, have the chance to build a successful life. Today, education is the cornerstone of our work. We want to do our part by designing the environment that makes students self-reliant.


When we harness technology to challenge and excite our students and to empower our teachers, school leaders, and families, we accelerate toward curriculums and evaluations that ensure students develop the knowledge and skills to succeed.


In a society that rewards college graduates with twice as many jobs and a wage premium of roughly 75 percent, a student’s decision to attend college can fundamentally shape the rest of their lives, especially those seeking to become the first in their families to earn a college degree. But these students are navigating in uncharted territory.

We refuse to accept the idea that by age 14, a child’s path in life is already set. We reject the notion that any group of students should be considered beyond help. We believe that when a team of mentors walks alongside a student, it can fundamentally alter the course of that student’s life.

Those are the reasons why we are beyond excited to work with Boston Public Schools in their More than a Mile program, and why we are building app features in partnership with BPS that run on top of our cloud platform: Freakick, which operates as the underlying ledger that, based on user engagement, builds well-rounded user profiles by introducing a world of enriching social experiences, all by adding a layer of fun and competitiveness via location-based activities.

More than A Mile

A career advisor for students of Boston’s Public School system.

A platform that helps teachers find compelling PD opportunities, that creates experiences for students, that highlights their achievements, that tracks engagement, and that acts as an augmented reality digital badge keeper.

A mobile app available to teachers, school leaders, students, families and friends of our school system.