Think upstream

Binding families and communities through shared experiences

Freakick helps build stronger, healthier, happier, and safer communities through fun and reinvigorating activities where participants are on a level playing field.


Improving memory, concentration, and academic achievement

Freakick offers stimulating, challenging opportunities that tone the body and boost the mind.

Bringing together people of all races, ethnicities, religions, and cultures

Sports play a major role in strengthening communities, creating common ground and a common language, building social capital and increasing inclusion.


Long-lasting growth through business involvement

Freakick exists thanks to support from public authorities, private companies, and individual donors.


Giving all kids a chance to play sports in their communities

People who play sports are more likely than others to avoid unhealthy habits such as smoking, substance abuse, sedentary or antisocial behavior, and violent behavior.

Empowering, inspiring, and motivating people toward better lives

We coach young people in teamwork, leadership, and perseverance, helping them live meaningful, healthy lives. We also award and encourage students to continue a life of setting and achieving their goals.