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Our mission is to remove barriers to opportunity, so that players can unlock their game and compete at a level playing field —by giving them the opportunity to showcase their talent and fans the opportunity to enjoy and be inspired by it.

Play for the name on the front of your jersey

They’ll remember the name on the back.

Believe in decentralizing sports circuits so that all players can start on a level playing field. We host the best pickups, and help develop the leagues that are focused on athletic development.

League management made easy.
Set up seasons, keep records of previous seasons, and keep fans updated on the action as it happens.
Are you Game?
Play to Win. We are your scoresheet.
Intelligent matchmaking, fixtures, and standings, based on analytics that go way beyond a tangible game stat. Advanced registration and payment gateway.


Immersive real-life experience, poised to disrupt the market by creating a digital platform that gives players the power to compete at a level playing field.

We build audiences for every kind of athlete at every competitive level.

We expose teams and fans to a universe of opportunities that fuel a greater competitive and social spirit.

With a catalog expected to grow by thousands of games every day, Gametrait is like a new type of league.